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Audio Post Production

Our creative & award winning team is experienced with the highest demands of Feature Film and Network TV.

Complete Audio Post Production

From script to final deliverables, we handle it all … including one on one assistance from Budgeting to Funding Options … Our experienced team of audio (and audio business professionals) are here to help. Ask us how we can be your "EASY BUTTON"!

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Creating seamless ADR for major network clients using the latest tools and techniques. Our highly skilled and international award-winning ADR editors are here to help you with all your needs, from fixing the impossible to recording walla in any language with depth and authenticity ... we do it all and we do it a lot... and very well.

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Audio Post - A La Carte

For when you just need audio tapas … yes "tapas" … not tapes … nobody uses tapes! Eat in … or take out! When you need just a dialogue edit, clean up some tracks, sound FX only, a quick mix? … and sure, we can put that on separate bills!

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Dialogue Editing

Our highly skilled and International Award-Winning Dialogue Editors regularly save the line, save the performance, save the scene … and, on occasion even save the day! Whether it’s evaluating for ADR, cleaning out the noise, levelling, or finding the perfect alt take and re-syncing it, your Dialogue Track will be loud and clear … and with all the vocal nuance and dynamics fully intact. These folks are good …

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Budgeting and Financial Assistance

Our experienced and professional business affairs folks are ready willing and able to assist you with your budgeting for audio (and other post services) while also helping you navigate the various Alberta grants and other incentive programs available to help finance your project. Give us a shout … what could happen?

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Variety and Music Specials

At Propeller we love music and variety shows, especially live music and live comedy! We have produced music specials and series for artists including Avril Lavigne, Ian Tyson, Sam Roberts, Paul Brandt, Alberta Ballet and many others. From live multi-track recording on location to final mix, we do it all.

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Sound Supervision, Design & Editing

Total peace of mind for your audio post experience! Our sound supervisors use all their creative and technical chops to elevate YOUR story beyond what EVEN YOU thought possible … and give you one less thing to worry about!

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Sound Design

Unique textures, new creatures, new machines and mood … more mood … and yet even moodier! Our sound designers use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your soundtrack will sound as unique as you can handle!

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Skip (or stomp) the light fantastic with our in house Foley Artists, Recordists and Editors! We use everything from old school props and real shoes to the latest in digital and sample based Foley to ensure that it "sits" just right in the mix! I'm pretty sure the proverbial "kitchen sink" made it in somewhere ...

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Sound Editorial

Multi-dimensional backgrounds, guns with impact, car engines with furious anger, doors with dark, wet clank … wheelbarrow crashes with a single pineapple rolling off down the street! And yup … you can hear the ridges AND the leaves!

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The chefs at the mix desk create the perfect balance of spice, crunch and comfort … mmmm good. From basic stereo to emerging formats like ATMOS and beyond, our mixers deliver the nuance and the bang! Technically just right, ... and with a side of deliverables!

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And speaking of deliverables … you want Stems? … M&E's? … D,M,&E's, ,,, Web Calibrated Stereo? … Smooth QC's? You got 'em ... done right … every time!

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We have a long and rich history of producing first rate media content for exhibits, galleries, and interpretive centres including work for the Royal Alberta Museum, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump (World Heritage Site), The Royal Saskatchewan Museum and many others. Whether just audio ... or a complete package of services including audio, video, interactive or even VR experiences, hardware selection, supply and install, we offer turnkey professional solutions to our exhibitory clientele.

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Original Music and Supervision

Supervision, Composition, Licensing and Production

We have Libraries, Composers with chops, and Editors who tell stories with music! Great stories … subtle stories … real stories!We have experienced and emerging Composers with chops ... Music Supervisors who can bring just the right tune from just the right artist to the party … and Music Editors who can cut to the frame and still have the music be musical! All these artists tell stories with music! Great stories … Subtle stories … Real stories!

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Commercial and Corporate Audio

Creative and Production

Your message + our talent = engaged audience! We can help with everything from the Creative Audio Treatment, Budgeting and Talent Casting and Direction, to hosting the clients in our comfortable, and inviting space.

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Specialty Audio Services

Described Video, IVR, Language Versioning, Translation and Foreign Language Voices

Ya … we do all that boring stuff! AND we have produced in French (Canadian AND Parisian), Hindi, Mandarin, Inuit, Spanish (Mexican, South American … and the ever popular European flavours) and a whole bunch of others!

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Closed Captioning

Yes … we can bundle that in as well!

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Rights Clearances

Yes … we do all that nit-picky, detail Nazi, pain in the "you-know-what" stuff … not only for that obscure music track but also for that obscure audio clip from the speech by what's his name?

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