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We, at Propeller have learned a LOT about sound, about people, and about getting the most out of budgets over the many years we have been doing this work. We have learned from schools, the interweb, freelance pros, actors and voice artists, producers and directors, from each other … and most importantly … from listening carefully … very carefully!

We are passionate about what we do and love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm in a positive collaboration with ALL our clients … the big ones, the little ones, the industry veterans … and those just starting out. We have discovered in this fun, supportive and intensely creative environment … a simple formula … great tools, great skills, and great people working together = GREAT RESULTS!


Alberta has a top shelf suite of incentives for producers looking to shoot, post or do BOTH in the province. The Alberta Media Fund offers a screen based production grant to qualified projects. This is an “All Spend” production grant covering up to 30% of the total budget to a maximum of $7.5M dollars. Some conditions apply.

This program is fully "stackable" with the newly minted post-production, visual effects and digital animation grant which is a labor based grant specifically for post-production services.

These programs in combination with an advantageous Canadian dollar, put Alberta ahead of other jurisdictions with the levels of funding available to productions seeking to maximize their budgets. The skilled business affairs professionals at Propeller Studios will guide you through the process and make it easy to bring these resources to your next production. When these programs are combined with the multiple emmy award nominated Propeller Sound team, (Fargo, Klondike, Hell on Wheels) it quickly turns into the easy button package for great soundtracks!

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Our Mission

To deliver our unique creative vision and proven professional services in an ethical, collaborative and respectful manner which creates real value for every single client ... and sustains Propeller as a profitable business

Our Values

    We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and fairness in all our dealings


    We practice respect for our clients, our colleagues and our craft at all times


    We strive to stretch the possible by consistently using imagination and technology in new ways


    We evolve continuously by using new tools and best practices in the studio ... and in business


    We share ideas and receive input enthusiastically with a goal of "the best idea wins"


Propeller Studios rolled out in 2013 as a result of the merger of two leading Western Canadian audio companies - Twisted Pair Sound and Sync Spot. Prior to Propeller, Pat and Frank, the two owners, had worked together on numerous projects ... sharing resources, team members and even studio space when required. As their individual workloads increased, it became apparent to both that a more efficient, smarter business model was needed.

As they shared similar values and creative vision, building this new "right sized" company together appealed to both. While not without a few bumps on takeoff, Propeller has flourished and is now flying high as one of Western Canada's largest and most successful audio post-production companies between Vancouver and Toronto!

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